Sitting in meditation this came through:
                                                                      —Arnie Post




Deep down inside

The ever turning twisting mind
Spinning concepts so unkind
Will it ever realize
Only love brings us alive

Here and now is where I stay
For in my thoughts I only stray
Away from love and what is true
For only here will love come through

There is a world that thought can't know
Deep down inside where love can flow
When we are still and rooted here
There is no illness, there is no fear

We suffer so when we resist
The fact of now which is what is
When we embrace and go within
We simply watch the joy begin

The Source is here and nowhere else
And cannot help our fearful self
For all our fear is trapped in time
But when we're here we can align

So sink deep down inside the breath
Inside the body to the inner depth
And rest inside that special place
Where fear and illness leave no trace

And something new may come on through
And wash away all that we knew
And we can finally realize
Who we are deep down inside