Private Retreat

With long or short term options.

Inquiry based, not belief based living


Adult community opportunities for singles or couples:

Private housing at 1Sphere 1People Homestead between Benson and Tombstone, 5 miles south of St. David: 10x50 mobile, RV space 1 for your RV, fenced RV space 2 for your RV, 8x35 RV, 8x32 RV, tent camping.

Private housing in Pomerene: for handyman to complete remodel of 12x40 mobile, exchange labor  for initial rent.

Shared housing at One Homestead: one apartment and three mini apartments.

Shared home at Alysion Annex in St. David

Possible alternative construction: Thoreau cabin, pod dwelling, Native American pit house, underground Hobbit house, yurt, etc. exchange labor for rent.

Long-term applicants must have an outside source of income. There may occasionally be the possibility of work exchange for partial rent.

All rental units require a 3-hour per person per week “putter” time commitment to assist with the maintenance of the property. This also providess for access to water, garbage and septic services, wildlife area, as well as the use of recreational facilities, laundry facilities, library, solarium, garden, fire pit, courtyard, wifi internet, and future developments.

Will you fit in? Read our mission statement, and read the one rule.


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